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 AS-ONE 30



















 AS-ONE 30



AS-ONE 30 is our newest version of our original analog interconnect. Celebrating high end audio performance at 30 years since introduction.  AS-ONE 30 is the 12th generation of AS-ONE interconnect. Global first introduction of AS-ONE was at the 1986 summer CES held in Chicago, Aural Symphonics active exhibit at the BlackStone Hotel summer 1986. Today the AS-ONE 30 is 100% hand assembled, hand soldered, a hand crafted design made to order in America. Today Aural Symphonics uses a cryogenic infusion process is applied to the all copper conductors and all connectors, processed for 72 hours  in a deep nitrogen soak at a very cold -310 degrees.

One of the design priorities was to build an interface that would exhibit minimal inductance, reactance, minimal capacitance as well as very low resistance. AS-ONE 30 design achieves minimal audible signature and minimal electrical effect on the audio waveform, nearly the perfect direct connection! AS-ONE 30 design is capable of stable and linear frequency response over long cable lengths and, in applications use in both vacuum tube and solid state electronics. Linear frequency response is achieved by the AS-ONE 30 vanishing measured values of both inductive reactance and capacitive reactance.

There is no overall outer shield. There is absolutely no audible hum as a result of deleting the shield. Positioning AS-ONE 30 close to large power supplies as found in amplifiers doesn't force or induce audible hum into the cable. The cable shield has been eliminated, removed from the audio signal path. This unique technique minimizes audible capacitive induced blurring, audible veiling, perceived audible timing errors. The inner materials are completely free of crush polypropylenes allowing minimal static electricity effects on the conductors of the cable circuit. The conductors are minimally insulated and are fundamentally in free air. End terminations are 4% silver soldered by hand.

Aural Symphonics introduced the AS-ONE interconnect at the 1986 summer CES held in Chicago at the Blackstone Hotel. The original AS-ONE product is remarkably still in use in today by many around the globe. In 2016, AS-ONE 30 pays tribute to the original with a trendy cosmetic nylon jacket, RCA connectors that are high end gold-rhodium or in fully balanced design using silver XLR's.

AS-ONE 30 just like the original back in 1986, it continues to kick the electrons out of the overpriced competition.

This is an excellent product for multi-channel audio.