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 Echelon Digital se2










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Aural Symphonics Echelon Digital se2 interconnect released. 75 ohm high speed precision data cable SPDIF.

Excellent fidelity, explosive dynamics, reference transfer of ones and zeros.

Revised for 2016; new Voodoo GND12 ground circuit, reduced module size, new cosmetics, supplied with RCA/BNC adaptors.

Hand assembled, WBT locking connectors, 1.30 meter length. Original design was on the cover of  Hong Kong respected magazine Audiophile 2002.  

Echelon Digital se2 our reference statement 75 ohm digital data cable. Echelon Digital se2  has been updated 2nd quarter 2016 and is designed for a singular purpose, to achieve the highest possible performance when transferring digital data between two digital components.  This perfect digital cable offers an unobstructed path for digital data transmission while keeping connector and cable reflections to a very minimum almost to none at all. Echelon Digital se2 is terminated with the WBT 0108 solder less connector a connector provides of the highest performance level. Echelon's  solder less connection uses a totally nude positive, all copper conductor and, since there is no solder junction on the positive conductor to cause reflections, a near zero reflection data cable is achieved without electrical or sonic compromise. 



Reviewed in 2010 on Dagogo. Echelon Digital review on

The Echelon Digital made history as the cover photo with fold out spread and cable review in the January 2002 issue of Audiophile magazine, The High End Audio Journal Of Hong Kong. Aural Symphonics once again produces the best performing digital cable and is proclaimed " THE KING OF DIGITAL" 

More than 25 years Aural Symphonics continues to pioneer digital data cable products that include  metallic coaxial wire and glass fiber optics that are second to none.