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Bi-wire performance is achieved through correct cable circuit execution. Unfortunately, most bi-wire cable designs and termination are simply not thoroughly thought out. Most popular cable solutions are to either divide a single cable internal conductors in half, using half of the wires for the high-mid and half of the wire for the low, or the to use two of the same cables in parallel, joined together at the amplifier. Neither method of bi-wire cable termination focuses on the electrical and sonic limitations of using a singular cable that was originally designed for a singular connection and broad bandwidth audio frequency.

Hybrid v.3 is designed with an advanced circuit configuration providing a specifically designed conductor network for low frequencies one conductor designed for the mid to high frequencies. The Hybrid v.3 stands out as a speaker cable design that correctly identifies a unique dual circuit architecture, and one that correctly identifies and addresses the complex issues of proper signal transfer from amplifier to bi-wired speaker. Hybrid v.3 is designed to enhance the amplifier's ability to control large diameter, low-frequency woofer drivers. Hybrid v.3’s advancements are dedicated circuit construction, signal specific control and transfer as the ultimate connection for bi-Wire.

The Hybrid v.3 is an established cable with a sophisticated formula for cable design.  Hybrid v.3 internals form a complexity of conductors of varying types and diameters, each chosen for its individual electrical merits, each contributing to the circuit performance as a whole. Hybrid v.3 cable is formed around a sophisticated circuit network of individual conductors and conductor groups.  This advanced cable design is wound in a helical (cork screw) fashion allowing a precise configuration of the circuits inductive and capacitive measured values. Two types of conductors are used:  stranded conductors because they allow an audibly uniform frequency response with precise bass fundamentals, and solid-core conductors because they enhance low frequency speed, air, layering to improve mid to high frequency audible definition for high performance.

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