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 Optimism Lotus 








   Available priority orderOptimism Lotus for Wadia 900, six cable calibrated set.

    Aural Symphonics is amongst the top companies as rated by audiophiles and high-end audio manufacturers for producing state of the art products for fiber optic data transmission.

    Unbelievably, other high-end cable manufacturers recommend Aural Symphonics  fiber optic products. Our Optimism v1, Optimism v2, Exelon Digital, Optimism  emm are globally recognized state of the art.

    Aural Symphonics fiber optic products for users that prefer st/st fiber optic data transfer more so than electrical data transfer via SPDIF or AES-EBU.

    If digital circuit design is executed in a state of the art mind set, data transferred via st/st fiber is superior to electrical cable.

    Optimism emm is not generic. Optimism emm is not ordinary. Optimism emm stands out no matter how you look at it. Hear it and listen like you've never listened before.

        Optimism emm, Audible Benefits

Wide scaling of dynamic range

Natural detail without metallic etching and ringing

Increased space between sound-field components

Precise harmonic and ambient envelope without exaggeration

Timing cues are more evident and relative

Realistic attack and decay of dynamic contrasts

Rhythmic, fluid, and dynamic mid-bass and lower bass

Enhanced communication of nuances