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The Purple v.3 is an established cable with a sophisticated formula for cable design.  Purple v.3 internals form a complexity of conductors of varying types and diameters, each chosen for its individual electrical merits, each contributing to the circuit performance as a whole. Purple v.3 cable is formed around a sophisticated circuit network of individual conductors and conductor groups.  This advanced cable design is wound in a helical (cork screw) fashion allowing a precise configuration of the circuits inductive and capacitive measured values. Two types of conductors are used:  stranded conductors are used as they allow an audibly uniform frequency response with precise bass fundamentals, and solid-core conductors are used as they enhance low frequency cohesiveness and mid to high frequency audible performance. Solid conductors also clean up the bass and mids allowing the upper frequencies to sound effortless and lifelikePurple v.3 electrically drawn out on a schematic mimics the DNA double helix.

Purple v.3 speaker cable is terminated with our patented floating conductor technology. Our floating conductor allows for precise alignment of electrical parameters and acts as a tuning mechanism by adjusting performance of the cables circuit under load. Purple v.3 with floating conductor technology allows for the cable to audibly sound uniform within its designated parameters with minimal influence to cable length. Purple v.3 incorporates our precision, internal twisting of the wire, a term we coined in the 1980's as multi-layered helical winding.